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For Women

Stacey Battat is on a mission to help women confidently embrace their bodies and awaken playfulness in the bedroom and beyond. Stacey received her MA in Consciousness Studies with a specialty in sexuality, and additional training in life coaching and sex therapy. Through her speaking, writing, workshops and one-on-one coaching, she helps women awaken their playful spirits, love the perfect imperfections of their bodies, and embrace their sexual desires.  An inspirational public speaker for almost twenty years, Stacey’s mindful orientation toward playfulness offers her audiences and clients a lighthearted opening to play – a sorely neglected virtue in our often stoic and productivity focused world. 

"Playfulness = Agelessness"

- Stacey Battat, M.A. 


"The seminar was amazing for helping me begin to learn to feel comfortable with my sexuality and what turns me on. I am going to ‘play’ with letting go of some of my controlling behavior, relax and have more fun!" Diane



"Stacey created a nurturing space and atmosphere with constant encouragement that allowed me to begin and appreciate and explore my own sexuality." ANONYMOUS



"I feel a freedom to now explore and become more curious about myself and my fantasies!" RB

"Loved the reminder that I can be silly, sexy and sensual while still being an adult and I want to reintroduce my serious self to my playful self again." Erika


"I like giving myself permission to get out of my old conditioning about sexuality  and all of the rules I used to believe and subscribe to!" Abbe



"Stacey’s comfort with her own sensuality and sexuality is contagious. I loved the possibilities she opened up thorough saying yes to our three year old who experiments with her own joy and want to get back to experimenting again!" Sheila






"Thank you so much for taking the time to BE with me and accept my individuality. You are a wonderful counselor, and I am sure you will support women toward a better understanding of their sexuality and how to improve it. Sex is fundamental in my life and this was one of the first times I had serious conversations about how to give it attention in order to begin to enjoy it even more – and I am!" NH


"Our conversations were very helpful for me to raise my self-awareness in regards to my sexuality and the ways in which I engage sexually with myself and my partner, as I know he will love me to try and suggest new thing at my own pace. Our meetings helped me gain confidence and develop mindfulness regarding my own body and the ways I can explore my own playfulness and pleasure. The most important thing that came out of it is that I lost already 15 pounds and I am planning on continuing losing weight and keeping my body fit and attractive, for the sake of health as well as pleasure." AT

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