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Yours in the Power of Love

It’s my Birthday today and I love the idea of sending the blessings I feel today out into the world!

Cuddling into my home and inner peace with the snow all around is a perfect way to spend my birthday.

Stillness descends on the soul and the space I feel allows me to generate my own warmth and imagination. I am blessed to have a roof above my head, a fire to keep me warm, food to feed me and people I love around me. I am grateful that I can choose to love in ways that others truly feel, and that I have the heart and mind to put my intention toward a variety of paths that arouse my curiosity and excitement.

My meditation this morning was around creating space in my heart to expand...

Photo of a "4" with my legs as I'm born January 4th!

My intention was to expand my love, and blessings just seemed to come my way today, which Is why I wish to bless others. As Gabrielle Roth says in her book “Sweat Your Prayers,” When your soul is in charge, your life becomes a love story.

I wish you WONDER as you also move toward a more soul-filled life (I can recommend many books on the topic). Explore the way it moves and feels. I am excited to do so this weekend in The Five Rhythms dance intensive in Philadelphia.

I hope you will find your stillness, your movement and the fire that helps you burn brighter and move toward that light, even if it is not comfortable at first. Through surrendering to love we create space for the possible pathways of joy in our lives, whether it is new people or imaginative creations, which seems to be coming to fruition for me on my Birthday.

I recently read a bumper sticker that will become my new ‘toast’!

“Here’s to the power of love exceeding the love of power!

Wishing you a love filled journey in 2018!

In love,


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