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The magic of our paradoxical lives

By Stacey Battat, MA

Educator, Speaker, Coach

I am feeling uncertain, but I focus on being courageous anyway. I am feeling unloved, but I choose to love anyway.

I am feeling vulnerable, but I tap into my power anyway.

Our lives are paradoxes. The manner in which we mindfully, even playfully, navigate them will dictate the quality of how we live our days. Every psychological response is stored in the cells of our bodies and we can choose what to access by loving our bodies and by loving our lives.

In other words, we have the choice to accept and love ourselves fully while we continue to evolve. The paradox is exactly the point; there is magic in the paradoxes!

Rather than allowing our belief systems to hold us captive to one side or the other of the paradox, just playing with this energy and sensation of being in-between, we let the full range of our lives emerge in the way we live our lives. We can choose to be happy for no reason (what a thought!) as that supports the life we want to live. I believe being loving is being happy, and being happy is being loving – to ourselves first.

My master coach trainer, Guthrie Sayen, who helped me understand the various ‘parts’ of our lives that can be conducted, teaches that we need to play all of the keys from the top to the bottom of the grand piano. Otherwise, we are playing so small and safe in the middle. In other words, we should embrace the highs, lows and paradoxes!

While I am not an introvert, I have become more conscious of bringing my extrovert in so that I can observe and witness my life to evolve further and feel the path that offers me the most light to tap my gifts. Introverted folk are often the amazing and visionary observers of the world, and I encourage them to bring their introvert out and create space for (even new) relationships. Relationships have the power to sustain us, and allow us to feel our radiant magical selves when we are aware of them – which requires playful development. This is why I love what I do. I play with all ages in educational, experiential settings, allowing us to build on the fun and connection that relationships offer us.

If your relationships are not sustaining you, I suggest you put yourself in situations where you can learn something new about yourself: Join a new yoga or dance studio, take a class (with people – not online) and get to know some new individuals, try a new activity (or an old forgotten one from childhood) with someone you love – particularly if that relationship feels static.

Remember, there is discomfort in growth and evolution. That is the paradox of life!

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