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Laugh with us in the The PlayDance Experience

The PlayDance Experience is a fun-filled journey to get back to the kid in you!Move, laugh and express yourself with 'abandon' all over again in this journey that will rejuvenate your open-hearted youthful spirit.

September 4, 2017,

Play is the Way to Awaken your Youthful Spirit

When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably? Tried something at the ‘edge of your comfort zone’? Ventured on your own into new territory to make new friends?

We can learn so much by watching how children meet one another and play for the first time. Authentic. Carefree. Exploratory. FUN!

We have such a hard time getting back to that awe-inspired spirit and yet, far beyond the tucks and peels, it is truly what will keep us youthful and happy!

Stuart Brown, MD, researcher and founder of National Institute for Play collected thousands of play case studies over 20 years, many of them cases on play in the workplace. Brown argues that “PLAY is best way to live to joyful old age.” He identified six properties of play: “Purposelessness, voluntary, inherent attraction, freedom from time, diminished consciousness of self, opening to improvisation and imagination.”

SILLINESS and LAUGHTER provide immediate access to play.

Very young children are so naturally ‘present,’ understandably they do not carry our years of programming, baggage and responsibility.

We need to practice PLAYING again in a BIG way. Remember when you played dress up? That is something any of us can do, and I encourage you to try on a new style or look on a regular basis. Greet someone who looks interesting or engage with someone you see all the time by asking them ‘what brought them to where they are today’.

The ultimate play however is when you can feel you are in a safe space, whether in a new dance or class setting, or a new sport to bond with others for the sheer fun of it, so that you experience the thrill of that silliness, awe and curiosity like children again.

Both creativity and competition have places in play, as I believe they represent our feminine and masculine energy, which all of have in varying degrees. Imaginative play, dress up play, rough and tumble play, climbing or jumping from trees or rocks, investigating nature, coloring & painting, martial arts, dance, playful silly singing or yodeling in our ‘outdoor voices’ are some of the ways we felt free as children.

When was the last time you screamed for joy or skipped with abandon?

Find a safe space to feel that energy awaken your playful spirit again. If you live in the Northeast and are not a lover of the cold outdoors like me, you have a few more months to explore somewhere new outside, or find an Ecstatic dance, Journey dance, Interplay class in your area, or join me for a PlayDance Experience!” I am offering a free trial prior to sign up for series - limited space).

More offerings below.

Your sex life is another place to explore being fully present and allowing yourself to drop inhibitions so that playful energy will emerge.

No one who is in the midst of a full blown embodied orgasm is wondering how they look, they are fully in the activity! Remember it’s not how we look on the outside, (dancing, doing a sport) but how we FEEL on the inside that will rejuvenate our youthful spirit!

If you would like some coaching on getting into a playful mindset and/or want to be proactive in your partnership before the fun in the bedroom gets completely mechanical, reach out to me for a free consultation!

When we as adults get back to moving energy in new ways we tap the subconscious part of our bodies that are not in continuous self judgement.

This is the reason that sex can be mind blowing – it can transcend and open new pathways, and being a “playful sensation scientist” or “explorer” is one of the best ways to get there….

Adapt one of those attitudes as you enter the new season with curiosity and fun in order create more joy in your life on a daily basis. Try something NEW today!


Playfully yours,


Enter the new season with a lighter spirit through fun and a more mindful connection with yourself and your loved ones!

Fall sessions are taking place in multiple CT and South Florida locations:

Sundays, October 1, 15, 29 - 7-8:30PM $20

The YURT in Woodbridge RSVP

Open to men and women

Sunday, November 5th - 2-6PM Radiant Woman event at Vertical Addiction in Stamford, CT For Women Only

Sunday, November 18th - 2-3:30PM $20 in advance, $25 at the door

Sunday, Nov 19th - 4-6:30PM - Miami (location TBD)

More Fairfield and New Haven County locations/dates coming soon!

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