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After July 4th, people talk about the summer being over, but I whole-heartedly disagree.

Summer does not have to ‘fly by’ if we can expand our sense of time when we are in our JOY!

When was a time in your life that felt like time stood still? For you, it may not be about dance, it could be catching fireflies, or skinny dipping in a moonlit lake. Dance with that spirit and make your summer feel timeless by activating your sense of FUN! You may find other ways to move your body and mind with abandon (drumming for example), but my best point of reference is my own experience with dance.

My kids are grown and past the point of laughing at me for dancing in airports, on the beach or anywhere! While you may not have yet arrived at the ‘I don’t give a SH_T 50’s’ and beyond, here are some great reasons to let go of your inhibitions!

Dancing activates our life force energy – and our sensual feminine fun! Our brains have a way of bringing us down a slippery slope. When we fill ourselves compulsively with food, shopping or exercise, or worries about what is ahead, it’s basically hitting the stop button on being fully alive and fully ourselves. It’s not that we shouldn’t take the time to plan our lives to the best of our control, it’s just that we spend too much time in our heads about often negative possibilities.

When our energy gets stuck in this manner by overthinking, we allow ourselves to starve our souls of the joy that is possible in the moment.

I have adapted and expanded upon some of Pam Grout’s reasons to DANCE from her book Thank and Grow Rich:

The reasons that DANCE is as important as MEDITATION:

  1. Dance cuts thought off at the knees. All spiritual practice is about getting out of our own way, letting go of thoughts that block the unknown – as most of them are boring reruns from yesterday – fears, gripes and to do lists. The more we distract ourselves from the ‘yammer’, the better things actually work.

  2. Stop trying to overthink! When we are not always trying to figure everything out our body and instincts have the chance to choose. Dance shuts down the mind so that TRUTH can emerge!

  3. When you are in the joy of dancing, it is easier to find abandon awe and connection

  4. It makes other people happy. We have all seen YouTube videos of ‘pied piper’ kind of people who get the dance started where it is least expected! The surprise of letting go makes other people happy, which in turn makes you feel great!

  5. It heals your body and eliminates other ailments. When even the oldest among us dance (80-100 year olds) they forget their pain!

  6. Dance when you’re sober and alone, and see how your chemistry changes. Even if you just end up laughing at yourself, your chemistry will change! Don’t save dancing for being on the dance floor infused with alcohol to release your inhibitions!

I hope you will take time EACH day to dance this summer and beyond! If you need some help getting unstuck, reach out to me, as I am offering free coaching consultations through the end of August!

Yours in the dance of life,


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