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Sexuality is an Inside Job!

A woman's sexual consciousness is more magical, complex and promising than we may have realized!

While we may have become more tuned in to the need to care for our bodies on the outside, we are often unaware of the power of our vibrant sexuality from the inside.

Unfortunately most articles and popular sex tips (ie; Cosmopolitan) and views do not come close to illustrating how complex, sacred and powerful our sexuality truly is.

Naomi Wolf in her groundbreaking, well-researched book entitled VAGINA, discusses how the 1970's was the last time comprehensive research was done to differentiate between women and men in our sexuality; it did not nearly cover the scope of what modern science has taught us. (Her one hour Ted Talk is here)

The release of oxytocin coupled with a nurturing love-making experience makes colors more vibrant and our brains sharper. During our best sex we are transcendent of our physical bodies and can feel connected and alive in ways that no other activity will ever provide. The book discusses how our vagina actually has a brain and there is much more evidence pointing to the positive power of knowing our vaginas than ever before! Naomi discusses how we all have unique bodies and nerve endings to reach orgasms, and don't even realize how unique our individual pathways are. Naomi discusses the 3 kinds of orgasms women can have--clitoral, vaginal and cervical and we are all wired (our actual nerve endings are unique to us) DIFFERENTLY and may experience more in any one of those areas.

Wolf interviews women from many backgrounds and asks some very compelling questions about their energy, vitality and creativity after FULFILLING sexual experiences. Upon reflection if you have had fulfilling sex any time in your past, you may come to similar conclusions about your own sexuality as those revealed in her interviews. Women spoke of having more energy and ideas at work, or feeling more empowered, verbal, vital and creative in whatever they were doing.

Join my colleague Ronnie Ryan who has been helping single women successfully date and mate for 20 years and me for an online seminar to help you get your sexy on!

Here's to having more fun with your love life, your sense of your own sensuality and sexuality. I am available for a one-time free consultation so you can assess whether or not your sex life is working for you. I begin with simple ways to be more in your body and enjoy becoming a sensation scientist as you become more playful with yourself, your days and your ways of being with your partner. Email me at and read more on Facebook




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