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Spring into your loving fun sexy life!

How do you REALLY feel when you tune into the magic of the spring season?

Every area of awareness in your body offers you full sensation experiences. You may have begun your gardening this spring, or be deep into enjoying walking outside again if you live in the Northeast.

No matter where you live, consider how our imaginations can ignite our sensations. Most of us have experienced ‘butterflies” when we are about to see someone we love whom we haven’t seen for a while. Some of us love the imagery of TGIF – the feeling (even before it happens) of relaxing with friends/loved ones and (maybe) a glass of wine or other drink at the end of the week. We seem to experience this ‘release’ of good vibration (dopamine) as if it actually happened. This is your own choosing – you create that sensation and can do it EVERYWHERE you choose to and actually make it a new practice.

I have been teaching the concept of “fake it til you feel it” at my seminars, and in one of my recent sexual explorations, I realized how I have been doing that naturally for years. Having studied with #urban Tantra in NYC, the experience of activating our sexual energy through our intention is a real thing – I promise! As we all know – energy does flow wherever our intention goes.

This is true even if you become more aware of your surroundings because of your own new circumstance – from being pregnant and noticing more pregnant women, to noticing more of the car you just bought on the road all around you. Psychologists call this perceptive selection! Unfortunately we don’t always give our mind/body the same ATTENTION to notice what our body truly wants. Once we begin to eat healthier foods or move/exercise, our bodies begin to realize how we NEED that fuel. The same goes for sexual energy and activating our 2nd chakra. In one of my seminars, one of the women who was a yoga teacher and very in-tune with her body, realized how – when we went through breathing into all of our chakra areas – she was truly stuck and quite unable to sense anything in her 2nd chakra which is where our sexual energy is contained.

#Barbara Carelles of Urban Tantra teaches if we simple use it we will not lose it and I hope you will activate that loving, sensual energy for yourselves this spring.

YOU CAN feel and embrace a loving, fun and sexy life, and I am happy to help! Contact me at

Sensationally yours, Stacey

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