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Welcome to the World of Mindful Sexuality

Welcome to the world of mindful sexuality. I hope that you are looking at this new year with new eyes as well as all other senses, and are opening yourself up to learning about your own body with playful presence and compassion! Make this YOUR year to bring the fun back and allow that to impact your sexual relationships! We all take life far too seriously, so my welcome to you is to allow the playful child in you back into your body/mind, and eventually into your bedroom.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH and DO IT WITH A SMILE (maybe even fake a laugh and perhaps you’ll feel it!). Notice how your body chemistry changes just by sending your body an inner smile.

As you are part of my community of mindful people, you may already have a contemplative practice, ranging from daily meditation to dancing while making soup or any other concoction that brings you into balance. My cheer for you is that whatever you are doing, don’t just rely on that strategy - continue to explore new ways to activate mindfulness and joy for yourself.

Wherever we are or wherever we go, we can move energy and release what is emotionally or physically stuck by PLAYING with something new. You do not have to go as wild as I do – including playing with this baby elephant, but I invite you to PLAY with the elephant in your own lives and eventually in the bedroom when you play with your own areas of resistance! On Patara Elephant Farm having fun pushing my limits!

I am offering on-line coaching specials for 2017 and welcome setting up some one on one time to see if it makes sense for you! Please email me and we can set up some time in person, on-line or via phone.

Yours in passion & presence,

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